On Wednesday evenings, running from September through April there are activities which may interest you. Some Wednesdays are skipped due to other activities. Calendar should be consulted if necessary.

5:15 – Light Supper in Fellowship Hall

5:30 – Praise Team

6:00 – Various classes from children to adult in designated locations.

6:30 – Handbell Choir

Youth & Kids

Embracing our responsibility to all of our children, our youth ministry uses fun activities to teach kids what it means to be a Christian, how to grow as a Christian, and how to witness for Christ to others.

Youth meets on Wednesday evenings following the light supper (5:15) and on Sunday evenings for grades 6-12. Sunday evening time is usually from 6 to 8.

There are numerous special events for youth which may meet at other times or days.


There is always on opportunity to volunteer for the Food Pantry and get involved in an awesome ministry where the presence of God is very evident. Call Janet Mills, church administrator and Food Pantry coordinator at 847-2328.